Parents and Guardians:
     This letter is to inform you that this past weekend the school district computer network was compromised by a trojan ransomeware virus.  Many district files were affected by the virus, including our student information system (Schoolmaster).  Schoolmaster is used for student directory information as well as student grades.  Please note that Schoolmaster does not contain student or parent social security numbers.   
     According to analysis of the virus, it does not attempt to steal or otherwise move the files.  The perpetrators of this type of malware incident usually just demand financial payment before releasing access control back to the victim. Due to proactive backup protocols, we are confident all data will be restored within a few days.  However, because the system has been down, our staff has been unable to update or enter new grades.  We anticipate the system being fully functional by the end of the trimester grading period next week.  Therefore, grading will not be impacted.   
     There is no evidence at this time to suggest that the perpetrators intend to use the infected information to target specific individuals within the district.  If you should personally suspect or experience any activity possibly related to this incident, please contact my office immediately.
      Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
 Matthew Jensen, Superintendent
Bigfork School District #38

P. O. BOX 188

PHONE: 837-7412
FAX: 837-7438

Bigfork School District 38 Mission Statement

The mission of School District 38 is to help all students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be individually successful throughout life.  In partnership with students, parents and community, we are committed to having high expectations for all students by maintaining a safe, nurturing environment that promotes success, learning as a lifelong process, responsibility, and respect for one another.